Staff Leasing - A cost saving and flexibility solution

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Staff leasing/Outsourcing service offers temporary and permanent staff. This is a flexible business model that allows high confidentiality and very cost effective. You can use leased workers for both short and long projects.

Through the Staff Leasing service, companies reduce the risk and the burden of administrative responsibilities relating to payroll and insurance.

Staff Leasing service allows our partners to leverage our processes, technology, and people. This service covers a wide range of administrative task such as: payroll & tax administration, plans & savings, benefit and human resources services, electronic pay slips; annual leave management; management of employee files as well as an updating, ongoing consultancy on legislative changes affecting the employment relationship.

For a wide range of needs:

  • Flexibility;
  • Minimize risk;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Temporary projects;
  • Specific business needs;
  • Lack of business representative;
  • Outsource procesesh;
  • Budget limitations;
  • Minimize time and costs for vacancies approval or structure expansion;
  • Less administration costs for you.