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2 days
9:00 am
5:00 pm
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Min 12 – Max 20
Erald Pashaj
Albanian or English
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Training introduction:

First rule: “Don’t underestimate the change involved in your transition to management”.

The role demands specific approaches and skills, some of which you may not have used before. You need to adjust, and this training will help you do so - promptly, easily and with certainty. It provides guidelines to help you fit into your role effectively and speedily, and achieve the results that you want.

The following topics will be covered:

  • The manager’s role.
  • Before taking up your appointment.
  • Starting as you mean to go on.
  • Creating staff loyalty & commitment.
  • Work with people to achieve results.
  • Adding strength to the team.
  • Working to maintain success.
  • Summary.

Target group:

  • This training is excellent for new managers, supervisors, team leaders and key people. Even experienced managers will gain useful insights and reminders.

Your benefits:

  • You will be a much better manager;
  • You will create and maintain a team of people who will deliver results.

Trainer’s note:

Participating in this training will not guarantee that you become CEO in the first six weeks (if you know what does that, let me know) but it helps you get firmly set on the initial rung of the ladder, and to go on from there.  So, I do not wish you luck but I wish you well with it. All sorts of things can help, but only one person can guarantee that you become a good manager – and that’s you.