Retreat fee:
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1, 2 or 3 days
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Min 10 – Max 100
1, 2, or 3 facilitators
Albanian or English
To be decided


Retreats are an opportunity to bring people together to have conversations that they don’t normally have. Retreats can be organized indoor, outdoor or a mix of both by following a retreat model. Three classic models that we conduct are:

1. Business retreat;
2. Fun retreat;
3. Sport retreat.

Also a mix of the above is possible but according to time, objectives, participants, weather, etc. 

Retreats can help:

  • Improving working relationships and increasing trust.
  • Fostering a collective vision and team spirit.
  • Helping change a direction.
  • Creating a common framework and point of reference.
  • Getting people on the same page and pulling in the same direction.
  • Dealing with sources of conflict and confusion.
  • Generating creative solutions for entrenched problems.
  • Generating honest and enlightening conversations.
  • Helping people feel heard on issues that are important to them

Target group:

  • For everyone and for every organization.